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Say what you like, but health is the most important thing in life. After all, nobody likes to be in pain. Nobody likes to feel weak.

This holds true not just when our health starts to break down. In fact, it is especially important when we are in good health. That is when we have to start looking after ourselves. There is no better way to a long and happy life. And isn’t that what everybody wants? If we could, we all would want to live to be 150 years old! Or more...

The idea for a Health, Fashion and Beauty Festival arose six years ago, when we began noticing a profound, yet unfulfilled need for the promotion of a healthy and active lifestyle backed by natural medicine and resources.

We chose the title of Michael Tombak’s bestseller “Can We Live 150 Years?” to be the motto of the inaugural event and the author himself was our guest of honour.

Over the years, the fair has become a fixture at the Pope John Paul II Cultural Centre in Mississauga. Every three months, it attracts large crowds of health-conscious people and more and more exhibitors from various ethnic backgrounds.

Visit us and meet some of the best naturopaths, opticians, chiropractors, reflexologists, orthopaedists, iridologists and massage therapists and share in their knowledge and experience.

You will also find some of the newest and most effective natural supplements, vitamins and products at the lowest prices possible! Natural cosmetics, fresh honey, stunning natural jewellery made of precious and semi-precious stones, comfy shoes, trendy clothes, medicinal juices, organic dairy products and exquisite wines to name a few!

Above all, you will meet many people passionate about leading a healthy lifestyle and get some terrific free advice.

Please check the Festival Info and our Poster pages for information about the upcoming fair.

Many people only start to appreciate their health when they begin losing it. Don’t wait! Come by and see. Come by and ask.

Join us and stay healthy! Cheers!

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